Guarantee and return policy

We provide a Satisfaction Guarantee for all of our products, that is how much we believe in our work. If you or your players are not satisfied with what you see and you don’t hear a single WOW! around the table when you draw your newest charge, then we will refund the price of our product, without any questions. 

About this Guarantee:

The warranty period on physical or digital goods purchased from Black Scrolls Games is LIFETIME, it has no time limitation.


What does it cover?


For Digital Titles:

It is possible to refund the price of your purchased digital product if you or your gamers are not satisfied with my product. Write to me via this page.

Purchased on this site: we can refund the amount you paid via the payment method you selected. The affected digital products will be removed from your account after refund.

DriveThruRPG purchase: As our options are limited on DriveThruRPG we cannot send you a full refund on that site. (We cannot see or contact with our customers, please write to the DriveThruRPG staff if you need something like this.)

I will send you a coupon for a new product of mine of your choosing with the amount of the product you want refunded. I hope the next product will be more appealing.

This warranty can be claimed twice within a half year on digital titles (The 180day period starts from the date of first refund, after it has passed, you can use this warranty twice again.) It is not valid on bundle packs, you can only claim it for individual products as we cannot remove them from your account.

 If you bought it in bundle packs or at a lower price for any reason (sale, coupon, etc.) the reduced price will be the base of the coupon you receive for your chosen product. 

You must provide proof of your order in both cases with a screenshot from your account or with an invoice.


For Physical Products:

(You can purchase physical maps and map-tiles on DriveThruRPG)

If you are not satisfied with my physical product for any reason, you can withdraw from the purchase and use this warranty. I will pay you back the price of the digital title (without the shipping fee). In this case you have to send me the physical title (to my address) with no damage and I will refund its price. The shipping fee is on the behalf of Black Scrolls Games.
Please contact us HERE.

Our Address:

Name: Antal Kéninger
Countly: Hungary
Street: Jegyző utca 57/A
City: Érd
Post code: 2030

This warranty cannot cover any damage resulting from improper maintenance or caused during the shipping. In case of these please feel free to contact me and we will try to solve it with the help of the Printshop/shipping company. We will contact with DriveThruRPG about your problems. They will send you replacement or a new product in the case of damaged goods.