About us

What projects we were working on?

Cities of the Black Scrolls

Our first own Kickstarter Project with modular map-tiles.
Available in a Bundle.

City of Tarok

Our second project with a huge set of 3D printable medieval models.
Late Pledge is still available here on this Page!

Machina Arcana

We have created the art of the tiles of this board game with the base and extra areas of the expansions.

Dungeon Universalis

We have created most of the arts of the gaming tiles in this Board Game.

OrcQuest WarPath – The Boardgame

We have created the art of the gaming tiles in this Board Game.

Where can you find our Products?

Here in this shop

With an integrated and secured Amazon server, you can enjoy our
Digital Maps, 3D printables and Map-tiles


3D printables and Late pledges
are also available here


Printed physical maps and map tiles
with our digital products

Fantasy Grounds

Prepared LOS and custom made maps for this Virtual Tabletop softwave ready to use. (Titles also available in Steam Store)

Map Forge

Make a whole map from our amazing tile-sets, add extra elements and save them out as a playable area!

Etsy 1 and Etsy 2

Printed models made by our Merchants

sell our models PRINTED

Would you like to sell our 3D models printed in our Etsy or other stores?

We have a Patreon site with a Merchant tier for that.
Patreon is a subscription-based page, and you can join our miniature Patreon with the $10 merchant tier. You’ll get the rights to print&sell these models and all of the miniatures you receive via Patreon as long as you are subscribed to that tier.

Our Patreon page will charge you once in a month and you’ll receive a 30% off monthly coupon that you can use on our site. (You can join there first, then spend your coupon on this Bundle.)

Also, our Merhants receive all of the miniture products not related this Kickstarter campaign, you can see the list on Patreon. 

Merchant rights mean that you can sell the printed result of the models, not the digital models themselves and making series production/molds are not allowed!

The huge models that you’ll find on Kickstarter had their own licensing rate but the Merchant tier on Patreon will apply.

Click on the Contact us button if you have any other questions.

Thank you!


Info about 3D printing licenses: 

We release our products under the CC-BY-NC license, which means you can modify, use, and display these models for personal use. You cannot sell the digital and/or printed copies or earn money with them. If you share them on other sites or groups, please mention our page where others can also get the models. Thank you! 

You can get a Commercial license on our Patreon site. This waives the “Non-Commercial” stipulation attached to our designs (released or sent out via Patreon), though we would still like attribution in text on your Etsy, eBay, or similar storefront posts where applicable, and the item must be a finished, 3D-printed product (not the re-sale of a digital file). You can sell the printed models via etsy, ebay, or on any sites without modification as long as you are signed up for the Merchant tier. Casts (series production) are not allowed, only 3D printed models.