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You can download the portals below right after your purchase, then the next ones when we finish them in each month this year.
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We provide a Satisfaction Guarantee for all of our products, that is how much we believe in our work. If you or your players are not satisfied with what you see and you don’t hear a single WOW! around the table when you draw your newest charge, then we will refund the price of our product, without any questions. Read more.

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While we optimized the models mostly for FDM printers, we will attach prepared version for resin printers.
The smaller printing dimensions you'll be able to print the files on without further cutting is 6.5 x 5.2 x 3.1 in. / 165 x 132 x 80 mm 

We are using an Ender 3 pro machine and we attach our Cura profile to the products that you can use with Ender 3/pro/v2/5 machines. For this Cura profile please download the newest release as this will conaint the latest version we are using.

You can use any FDM printers you would like, Creality, Prusa and other models could also work great.

We are using the eSun PLA+ Gray and Hatchbox Gray/Silver PLA filaments as these worked us the best.

All of the already released sets are available for you to download after checkout and we will release 4-6 of the remaining products in every month. We will update the Downloads section in your account, you'll find all of the available products and files there.
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1, You can buy the merchant rights as a one-time purchase to these products, we have a Merchant pledge product to it, and it costs $240. You'll get the models and the merchant rights with this pledge. If you are interested in this option please click here.
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License for merchants
The Merchant pledge waives the "Non-Commercial" stipulation attached to our 3D printable Calling Portals designs, though we would still like attribution in text on your Etsy, eBay, or similar storefront posts where applicable, and the item must be a finished, 3D-printed product (not a re-sale of a digital file). You get the right to make money with your prints. Casts (series production) are not allowed, only 3D printed models.

If you would like to sell or use the products in shows, commercials, or any low/high-budget productions then please send us the details in the "contact us" menu before you purchase this product.

Behind the Project

, or on one of the site blow:We at Black Scrolls Games are working on our products because they make our work easier as a Game Master, and game sessions are more enjoyable with them. We’ve forged all of our experience and knowledge we collected as Game Masters and 3D artists in the past years into these sets and we hope you will enjoy them at least as much as we enjoyed working on them. If you still have questions, please contact us HERE, or via one of the sites blow: