The Hut of the Half-Blood Hag

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The Hut of the Half-Blood Hag

Postby AntalBSG » Sat Sep 10, 2016 6:43 pm

The Hut of the Half-Blood Hag

This map is available via RPGNow:

If you like it buy me a coffee ;) (It's a Pay-What-You-Want product.)

There is a small hut near to the border between forest and swamp where trees grow high like giants, holding back the sunlight and covering the forest in pale dim; wherein a half-blood witch, Wayaga, lives. She built this house in the middle of water by the side of a tree, crudely assembled from driftwood and branches. Torches and skulls in front of the entrance let you know: you better stay away from her.

You hear nothing but the little noises of swamp creatures – crawling under your feet, some birds who have gotten lost here and now they want to get out of this place, fearing for their life; and noises of ripples in the water caused by something in the deep. Could it be a creature or just the gases of marsh and rotten leaves that are bubbling to the surface? You don’t know yet.

It seems like something is sparkling under the water not so far from the hut, but it disappears quickly and now you are wondering if you truly saw something or if wraiths had deceived your sight in this dark place.

What kind of adventures are waiting for you here?

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Postby AntalBSG » Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:11 pm

There was a little game on Facebook where I asked other gamers about Who might live here?

The answers were awesome and if you would like to run an adventure on this map they could give you some excellent idea.

Here they are:

Only for Game Masters
- Being this is a swamp, I see a grizzled old Lizard Man Shaman who has all but become insane due to the isolation of this place.

-A trapped vampire.

- It's a Good place for a witch...

- Swamp crone

- A hermit or witch.

- It looks like a hidden hut in the swamp where an old wizard hides himself from the rest of the world. Maybe he once casted a spell that brought up evil creatures or he only wanted to be left alone. But you can see, that there is something going on inside, something, that won't bring up anything good into the world. He is caught at that place, too old to get his boat out of the water. Or maybe a hermit lives in there... leaving the world outside and only a handful of brave women and men is able to find him and he is willing to give them the answer to only one question... It would need real heroes to find out ;-)

- Be forewarned traveller if indeed you are serious when you claim you are to traverse the fen of lost hope. For there are a great many things out there in the shadow and the deep pools of muck. Things you will not have seen before on your long journey over the plains of arcrixus to reach me. I am old, warrior, and old age in these parts mean I know a thing or two about staying alive. These things I warn you off are not things with sharp teeth or snapping jaws, no, they are things that will steal the breath from your lungs and consume your soul, demons of a time before this. Keep your wits as you leave my cabin and enter the fen for they are a deceptive breed and they can take on whatever form they will.........

- Baba Yagga's long lost hillbilly cousin Bubba Yaggayette. He subsists now mostly on gator meat and what veggies he can grow throughout his hut.

- Gorthra, The Half-Troll Witch.

- "Come in," croaked a not-unfriendly but decidedly amphibious voice. I stepped into the interior of the little hut with trepidation. A green hand reached with webbed fingers to turn up the wick on a smokey oil lamp. Pale, bulging eyes studied me. "Manners," said Anura. I confess I jumped when her tongue shot across the room like a missile from a catapult. But it wasn't aimed at me. She struck the door with a squelching sound of sticky mucus. It pulled shut as the tongue recoiled. "I may live in a swamp, but I don't live in a barn," said the wizard. "Didn't your mother teach you to close the door?"

- Deep in the swamp is the hut of a mad riverboat captain who lost his ship and crew on dark night in a strange, unnatural storm. "The river has desires all it's own, ignore them at your peril!" he warns.

- Halaster BlackCloak's summer home.

- I'm going with a lich that lives inside of a mimic (the hut being a mimic). The mimic doesn't attack the lich because he's not food and acts as a stalwart defender of the liches exiled abode. Runner up is a Bullywug druid who build his hut on the back of an ancient Dragon Turtle that spends the vast majority of his time sleeping unless the druid wakes him up.

- It is the hut of an ancient green hag who lures in unsuspecting sailors and merchants that are passing through her swampy territory. Once inside her domain she slowly turns fellow travelers on themselves as she feasts on there suffering until they are reduced to nothing more than a pile of bones sunk into the murky waters at the base of her hut.

- This is a light house ona little island in a swamp in the game MouseGuard. It is manned by a member of the guard at all times and is kept lit to guide swamp mice along the safest currents. Its name is OakEddy and the vole skull on the door with the pine needle antlers is there to ward off voles who have a tendency to squat here when the nearby river rises.

- An evil hag who traps adventurers offering them the cape of impossibility

- Clearly the cursed and betrayed ruler of a kingdom, a ruler long thought dead (and perhsps he is?) , lingers over decaying maps of his former realm, plotting a delightffully agonizung scheme for revenge. Who else :)

- Swamp home of a reclusive druid. PLOT TWIST: She has been replaced by a doppelganger, who is in turn recruiting dangerous area denizens for nefarious purposes.

- A hermit who in consumed with the task of preventing the swamp from expanding.

- Long ago in a small hamlet on the edge of vast swamp, a greedy little man rigged the election for mayor of his town. Once he took over the office, he began to keep company with odd strangers wrapped from head to foot in voluminous black cloaks. They would come and go as they pleased, and anyone that got in their way was thrown into the town jail, which was much more like a dungeon than a jail. Then the killings started...

- Swamp goblins

- Adderix, The Nasty, a lizardfolk shaman who built his home on a small island in the middle of the Moldenfield Swamps, he spends his time breeding large reptiles and creating monstrosities of nature.

- No one knew what beast did the killing. All they knew was that in the morning, several people were found torn to pieces in a most savage way. Now, no one in the town is safe, and everyone lives under a cloud of fear. Except for the mad old widow who lives in a ramshackle shack built on the top of stones which rise from the swamp like a set of broken teeth. She alone in all the village doesn't fear whatever demon the mayor has angered. What is her secret, and what keeps her safe? None have dared ask, and none have had the courage to enter the deep crevasse that leads to her home. The village has need for a hero. Are you that hero?

- The ghost of Gary Gygax...who is in the swamp hiding from the Wizards who live on the Coast...

- I'm thinking an old Druid/ Hermit wasting his or her time listening to the sounds of Nature, sipping on an herbal tea

- ... My X

- It's Obi-Wan's cabin on Dagobah, where he lived as Yoda's neighbor. Later he moved to Tatooine. ;-)

- Thronius Shieldheart, a female half-orc paladin. She has been tasked to live here and keep the black dragon Nirvonax from rampaging among the civilized lands beyond ... The acolyte Gannon occasionally brings her supplies and correspondence. Nirvonax is old and feeble of mind and body, so Thronius has an easy time of it and puts her days to use studying her sacred texts.

- A Mutated Snapping Turtle Man Shaman who defends the swamp from intruders.

- The Swampkeeper is known for terrorizing anyone who ventures near the Forbidden Darkswamp. Those adventurers who are most daring return from the swamp bloodied and bruised from their encounters with the dwarven hermit. The stories of these encounters go back hundreds of years. What most do not know is that Dols Burdenhammer blames himself for the once beautiful Bluesprings becoming overrun by the dark creatures that have poisoned the lands in the area. He devoted the rest of his life to keeping those wicked beings at bay, and to keeping everyone else out of their realm of dark influence. Dols mourns his comrades who died, as well as the comrades who were bound to the darkness during those terrible days so long ago. He will fight to the death to prevent anyone else from becoming one of them...

- The old druid, Benjamin Oakknot. He is a reclusive level 12 druid of the forest who no longer likes to live among the civilized. Now he prefers his plants and animals.

- A sea hag, casts a curse at any man who rejects her. Eats baby seals.

- Zoraida.

- A Sucubus by thye name of Bellspira. She is not your ordinary demon/devil though. She is of a neutral bent and dabbles in alchemy. She deals in potions, talismans, and minor magical items. When she does not want to be found, her 'home' looks like any other large tree in the swamp...

- Chorlainthin the one legged gnome lives in this tiny hut surrounded by his memorys and fears. Chorlainthin lives here out of fear, once long ago him and his party of brave adventures traveled the world looking for treasure and fame. One day deep in the Underworld they came across a great treasure room deep below the earth but it was guarded by the Great Red Dragon Kolroth, Kolroth slew the party only Chorlainthin lived and fled. Kolroth screamed down the tunnel that one day he would get the gnome and devour him. Chorlainthin has lived in fear of that moment. Even now few wandering travellers tell of a great dragon terrorizing the area.

- In the depths of the moors, where even the sun forgets to tread, is the lonely shed of the hermit known simply as the Turtle. The original of his or her name uknown but it is said it resembles or wears garb that resembles the shell of the creature common in the moors.
Eustace Oakfell never wanted to end up like this. When he was younger, he made friends easily, almost too easily. His tendency to fall in love with women, only to drift away when the next maiden came along finally stabbed him in the back. Literally. Her brother planted a dagger in Eustace, who drew his own knife, whipped around and stabbed the brother in the neck. The brother died. Eustace ran, and found this swamp shack to hide in. His knife wound festered in the dirty swamp, and his body aged, until now he is a grizzled hunchback who hates people, and kills anyone who invades "his" swamp.

- Cezanne the friendly minotaur

- The insane sage Malik Malikson. He offers advice to people, and is a part time adventurer, and has powers of the gods protecting him. He often spends time making potions, but they turn out to be smoothies.

- An old blind fisherman who, when younger and able-bodied, tempted the powers of a sea hag, but was saved by a mermaid who has cared for him in this old cove-side shack.

- 100+ yr old Popeye! GMOs ruined the Spinach.

- Baba Yaga's long lost sister, Gaba Yaga.

- A small creature, harmless at first glance, but...

- Baba Meloir, seeress. She saves the fish bones from her meals to cast them and tell the future. Many come to her, and have their fate told to them.

- One armed alligator hunter named Amos, Amos Moses.

- A powerful mystic or shaman, 999 years of age, hiding from the current evil ruler, but if you do know where to find him, he'll teach you the ways of magic

- The answer is obviously shrek. He wants all of you to get out his swamp cause he's a big scary ogre....with lots of layers.

- The former high-priest of a long dead god.

- The privious colleague of the mulicorn (if the mulicorn is on your side you need no enemy). in the hope his old 'friend and helper' never will find him here ... Long live the mulicorn

- The mystical Croak Conjoined Twin and Bone Grinder extraordinaire known as Herk and Tum-Tum.

- A blind, elderly, drunken gnome who is the only one who knows where to find the mushrooms we need for an antidote to a disease that the nearby town has all contracted. You must gain this gnome's trust for him to lead you to this location because these mushrooms are also used for the gnome's favorite beer.

- old and wizened , almost crippled with arthritis , a certain fungus grows locally in abundance that relieves all of his symptoms and this is why Warduke has chosen to retire here..

- Ushuk. An old orc shaman who lives in solitude, listening to the swamp, who whispers it's secrets to him. Half deaf and a little crazy. Could be a friend, merchant, NPC, or, with a little help from a Hydra that he summons from the swamp, he could be a nice boss.

- A cool doped out troll shaman. That helps Travellers across the bog at night. His only payment is that you must eat one of his specially grown mushrooms.

- Me after I do some shit I have to do

- Radaghast

- Walden. Plain and simple.

- Ho! Yes! This is Jacob's cabin on the Lost Island, of course. The DHARMA Initiative built it. Don't you remember? Creepy place...

- Me

- Slag and Drag malformed conjoined halfling twins the result of an insestuious partnering when their brother and sister parents were cursed after entering a swamp they were warned to stay away from. Nothing tastes better than living flesh to them.

- Hasthus, the primal lich! No one is sure what Hasthus once was, it appears to be humanoid, and rumored to have been of the lizardfolk, while others swear it had once been a cleric of a strange god that demanded sacrifices and rewarded the most devote with life, but the cost of such an eternal life was high and warped the once man into a lizard, of crocodilian persuasion. Monster! . Woe to those that find their way into Hasthus's territory, should you lay eyes on the hut, it is already to late.

- Arrgg "Dingy" Driftwood, an old seafaring elf who wants to put his swashbuckling days behind him and contemplate an ancient treasure map in solitude.

- A crazed hermit dabbling in necromancy or a Druid who's not exactly friendly but not unhelpful either.

- Shrek's vacation cabin!

- This was the house of a notorious smuggler, and his daughter, who had been rendered blind at age 12 by contact with a relic her father had been smuggling. For the past few years, she has received visions of things to come, which her father was recording.
A few months ago, her father was taken by a hag who served as a priestess for a dark swamp god. The hag has been mimicking her father's voice, and recording more of her visions (if found in an empty hut, the last pages with writing will be damp, and smell of swamp-bottom mud). Now, a time of great ritual has arrived, when a sacrifice is made to the god by drowning an intelligent being in the swamp. And the hag is growing bored with the girl...

- Flemeth. Dragon Age origins. Nuff said.

- My ex

- T- his is the swamp shack of the bog witch Antrazella the ancient.

- Mad hermit from keep on the borderlands

- a weathered old goblin and his slave kobold

- The night hag of Smuggler's Swamp. Some say she's a witch, others that she used to be a healer until one tragic day. Still others say she's in service to a powerful demon.

- Yoda!

- Florence Tooth'n'Nail : a mire and blacksmith who delves into potions that make the fae folk horny. He occasionally peddles in the black arts of necromancy for side money to provide for his smoking habit of gillowsgout herb and in his resurrecting he gets a sizeable some from the prefect perverts of Aldomon, a quaint little village three days away that people travel just for his sevices. Florescent lives there with his cat and library, who are in cahoots as the library is sentient with the cat.

- A witch who likes to be alone in the swamp to do her practice of witchery. Who knows what will befall any intruder who is foolish enough to trespass on her domain. She may appear to be alone and yet have minions that protect her as she sleeps.
I believe it's one of the guy from the badlands in Borderlands.

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Postby AntalBSG » Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:04 am

A nice blogpost about 10 Side Effects of Being Dominated by an Aboleth by Creighton Broadhurst of Raging Swan Pres:

One of their most dangerous and insidious powers is the ability to dominate almost anyone unfortunate enough to encounter them. Using such powers, they set friend against friend, unleashing betrayal from among their enemies’ midst. Thus has been spelt the doom of many adventuring parties.

The effects of an aboleth’s domination wear off with its death. Such domination effects, however, can also have subtle, long-term effects. Use the table below, to determine what lingering side effects the unfortunate adventurer suffers:

1., Your dreams are full of visions of sunken cyclopean cities and huge, teeming schools of strange, bloated fish that swim about the seaweed-choked ruins.

Read the full list here:

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